"RPM Speed Training was a great experience in my life.  Our main focus on form and technique really made substantial improvements in my overall running.  Not only did we just focus on improving speed and acceleration, RPM also teaches us drills to focus on our particular sports, such as agility and change of direction.

We also focused a great deal on conditioning as to not only improve speed but to get ourselves into phenomenal shape for our upcoming season.

If you are willing to put in the time, hard work and constant dedication, I would with no question, greatly recommend signing up for RPM Speed Training."

-Stephen Keane, High School Football Player/Divison 2 College Prospect

" RPM Speed Training was a great way to get in shape and prepare for college. Mastering the form and techniques was an essential change that gave me immediate improvements and results. Increasing my speed and quickness was so beneficial and sport specific, that gave me a competitive advantage over other athletes.

The best part about RPM Speed Training was how enjoyable it was, and how you can actually see the results so quickly with only a few adjustments. All the hard work and commitment helped all aspects of my game including speed, agility, and endurance. I would recommend it to any athlete looking to continue to play at the college level because it is a great way to help reach and achieve your fitness goals."

-Tori Devivo, Bentley College Women's Soccer Player

"Train Fast to Play Fast"


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